ZERO Key issue on the Roadhog Full Boar

lightkidlightkid Registered User
Hi Guys,

I'm sitting here at home and am doing some programming for a design proposal and just noticed that all the numberblock keys except the "0" (zero) submit their values on-push (you push 1, and as soon as the 1 key is pressed completely the software will take the 1 into the command line). Zero does that on release of the button which I think is VERY annoying because I usually type 610 thru instead of 601 thru and all that.

this should be a VERY quick fix in the source.

Would you please change that? and nope, I am not going to type slower because my speediness is what I get paid for ;)
(dont mean to sound rude...!)

cheers and thanks!


  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited June 2008

    This was an issue in v2.4, but should have been resolved in v2.5. I'll contact you offline to discuss what you're seeing.

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