Strange crash?

sulkkissulkkis Registered User
I already mentioned of my problems in the 2.4.0 version discussion but I think the crashes I have experienced lately have nothing to do with software version.

I installed the 2.5.0 version and everything started well. I got the console programmed and we just entered the FOH when the console collapsed 10 minutes before the show. What happened was that the both screens went black and on the left screen there were some horizontal white stripes. Consoles playback was still working but nothing happened when entering PIG+OPEN+BACKSPACE. Only way to get around this was to turn the power off and back on. After this the console worked OK.

My colleague told that before installing the 2.5.0 version the console collapsed and sometimes it "tried to boot" itself and the HOG picture came to both screens and then again went off.

Anybody else had problems like this before? Any suggestions what it might be?

I tried to reproduce the problem by adjusting the screen saver time (as I think the screen saver was on when it collapsed) but I couldn't get the console to crash anymore.

Could it be the hard drive or graphics card?

Thanx in advance, sulkkis.


  • Steve KSteve K Registered User
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    One of the consoles we have here for the Beijing Olympics is exhibiting similar problems. It blanks both screens, won't respond to Pig-Open-Backspace and shuts itself down without warning. It has been suggested that it could be a PSU problem.
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    Were you doing anything on the console at the time of the crash or did it die on its own?
  • sulkkissulkkis Registered User
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    It has done it completely randomly. Sometimes it has shut itself down without touching the console, sometimes when waking up the screen saver and sometimes immediately when you touch it. Once it has done it even before I started up the show.

    Anyway I thought that the problem was solved when I reinstalled 2.5.0 software but since then it has done it once. Which means that before findind a proper fault and solution to it I feel little bit worried to work with the console.

    Regards & waiting your proposal a.s.a.p,

  • mjmaltbiemjmaltbie Registered User
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    I have had the exact same issue running v2.3.1. I'm running a Wholehog III. Over the past few weeks both external screens will randomly flash to black Pig + Open + Backspace will not do anything. The only way to get it to respond is to pull the power and wait for the battery to run out. I am in the process of doing a full ISO install of v2.5.0 to see if that will take care of the issue.

  • Steve KSteve K Registered User
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    Our console here in Beijing has had it's power supply replaced by the High End tech, Zach Peletz, who is here with us and is now working fine.
  • sulkkissulkkis Registered User
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    Did you change the part "25091412 PSU DISTRIBUTION PCB MK2"?

    Regards, sulkkis
  • sulkkissulkkis Registered User
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    My problem was actually solved a while ago but I just wanna share my findings in case someone else will face similar problems in future.

    I discussed with Andre/Arcus Germany and the conclusion was that first step is to change the PSU and next to change the PSU distribution card. I got the spares and started to work. Immediately when I removed the existing PSU the cause of the problems was quite obvious...

    The reason why the console crashed was after all quite simple. There was a loose screw under the PSU circuit board which caused earth link every now and then when the console was moved. When it was left alone it was running perfect but sometimes when you touched the console the loose screw moved...

    I found a place where the screw had become loose and it seems that when the hard drive has been changed (I had changed it once) one front panel screw has dropped inside the console. So just as an advice, KEEP COUNT OF ALL SCREWS AND DO NOT LEAVE THEM INSIDE THE CONSOLE!!!

    Best regards, sulkkiz
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