hog 2 pc to wyg.

jerryjerry Registered User
Does any body know how to link these two together .I have all the necessary pieces midi-ox,midi yoke new hog2 pc software midi driver on wyg but the settings I'm not 100% sure on those.
Thank in advance for your help.


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    Hi Jerry,

    Please see page 23 in the PDF link below. This should get you going.


    Good Luck,
  • jerryjerry Registered User
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    Thanks Paul for your quick reply,
    There actually is a lot more to it than those instructions cover ie. using the midi internally not as a tangible wig it . I m trying to set a few shows for some guys under me. I know this is all old software . Can i save hog 3 to
    hog 2 is that possible.
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    Hi Jerry,

    You will not be able to save a Hog 3 showfile to a Hog 2 showfile because they are not compatiable. They are based on different sofware code.

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