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Hello...I am new to this forum and kinda new to the hog is my situation that I know is going to happen soon...Like I said I carry a HOG III and 12 studio spot CMY's on the road with me (I currently landed a country and western gig with a well established artist) question is how would I add the venues fixtures to my already saved show that I use nite in and nite out...for example I pull up to a state fair in washington and they have 120k flown with 12 varilite 3000 spots...I want to just add the fixtures to my show so when i pull up my 1st que their lites are doing the same thing my lites that I have already programed...I know I will have to update positions accordingly...would this be "replicate fixtures"?...I read the manual regularly but for some reason dont understand this part fully.some help would be greatly appreciated by some of you seasoned veterans...thanx


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    What i think you are looking for is "change type" in the patch section.
    What this will do is change the fixtures you are currently using into another type of fixture and will also change as much of the programming as it can.
    Areas that you should check after change type are
    Gobo's,effects engine cues and you focus pallettes which will need to be touched up.
    Before doing this i would make a backup of your current show and then start with a new show so to speak and then change type.

    Change type can only transfer information that is present in both fixtures so if you change type to a fixture that only has cmy from a fixture that has fixed colour wheels that information will not change type.

    Do a search within the forums and you will find posts that expain better and further about change type and replicate.

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    You could probably replicste the fixtures then do a change type.

    So in your have your 12 studio spots, replicate all of those to a total of 24 studio spots. Then you would want to change type to VL3000.

    From my experience, change type works well, but there are some things that still need to be tweaked in your pallets. It also might be a good idea to have a new, clean copy of the show for each location, just because all of the change type and replicating might make a mess in your patch and pallets.
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