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One of my beloved emus has started acting up recently. At first it just seemed like the lamp would, for no reason, lose its arc. Resetting the fixture remotely (or via the power switch) seemed to fix it for a while. Now it appears as if there might be something wrong with the power supply.
Before I get into the details, I should say that it has a bran new HES lamp with less than 10 hours of use on it.
What happens now, when you power the fixture up, the lamp strikes, runs for a few seconds, maybe a minute tops, then the lamp goes out. If you watch the LEDs on the back of the unit, the Power led dims slowly until its out. Then it sits there until you power-cycle it. Its almost like the power supply is intermittent. Any idea where to look? Is this a common failure mode?
I haven't had a chance to crack the unit open after the gig I had this weekend for it, but if anyone has any idea where to look, i'd be grateful.




  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    well it sounds to me like the big blue capacitor has gone on you...check the two screw terminals on the top for burn marks.

    Electrolytic Cap 6800uF 40DC part ##90299004

    Lightparts should have these.

    also check the terminals on the PSB where the red and black wires go from the capacitor for any kind of discoloration and verify that + goes to + and - goes to -

    Hope this helps:)
  • muvmentmuvment Registered User
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    Perhaps a lamp is rattling around inside?
  • bigdarkspotbigdarkspot Registered User
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    heh, how did you know??

    Yeah, that was the funniest thing... apparently when I got the fixture a year ago, it was supposed to have a lamp ll in it, but it didn't. so I just bought a new one and went on with it.

    Took the panel off the back section of the top to see what was going on and look at the wiring, and whaddya know, there's the lamp that was supposed to come with it. wedged between the transformer and the power supply board. Apparently intermittently shorting out stuff. Pulled it out, and everything seems better....

    Still haven't checked to see if the lamp is any good. looks ok, but i'm worried it might have outgassed by now.
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    NOTE** The unit has the ability to know the life of the lamp and will shut down the unit if the lamp is using too much voltage to shoot the gap.
    This is a safety thing as an exploding lamp really sucks!:eek:

    All you might need is a lamp.
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