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Not sure where this should be posted so here will do,
if someone has an axon and could check to see what is dispalying in the console output when they start using graphic layers and play modes.

Tonight on an IPC latest build 2051 i started to get odd console output display behaviour.

If i slected a graphic layer and selected
Play media mode once (it was correct in the output)
Media Mode loop forward (it was correct in the output)

But the rest of the options did not dispaly correctly and or seemed to be messed up in the order they dispalyed.
Maybe i've just missed this and it's been like this but i don't see why.
I had a cue open in programmer and was editing it and changing the play mode when this was happening.

Any help appreciated,don't know if this is a simple output dispaly issue,minor bug or user error or a bit of all three.

Regards C
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