Fastest way to program an ACL/Blinder matrix without Catalyst or Pixelmad?

stefan90kauwstefan90kauw Registered User

The thread title does almost say everything already.

I'm preparing a show in WYSIWYG controller bij Hog3PC. Finally i'll get it on stick and transfer it to a real hog.

But, what is the best and fastest way to create some stunning matrix effects?

And,, can you create a randomness for all selected fixtures? So they all do something else in the kind of function (pan/tilt/dimmer) you give it in die effects editor.

Thanks you very much. It would really help me out! :)



  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
    edited May 2008
    Make good use of selection order groups as well as grouping for repeats and buddies while fanning.

    :rtfm: v2.4.0
    section 15.4 for more on fanning, repeats, & buddies
    section 16 for more on groups and how they store selection order

    Hope this helps:)
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