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I am new to moving light consoles and i've read up on a lot of information about wholehog 3, i understand the basis of tracking and what it does, but me, being a visual learner, would like any examples of a time where tracking was super helpful, that is where it gets confusing.



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    Hey Zack,
    I am pretty new to the Hog as well. What I see with my beginning knowledge is that you do not have to remember everything that you have brought up. You will not have to totally recreate the next cue as with an expression.
    I hope that I am not leading you astray.
    Each cue stack is its own intity. Each fixture will do as told until told to do something else.
    Hope I have not spit up some garbled info. :footinmouth:
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    There are some visual aides in the manual that help explain tracking.
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    The manual is pretty clear on how tracking works.

    Since you asked for an example....

    You record your first cue with some fixtures green and some blue.

    Second cue fixtures change positions and gobo.

    Third cue another positon change.

    So far you have only recorded color values in the first cue.

    Someone decides they would rather have pink and yellow for these cues.

    Change the color in the first cue and it TRACKS through to all the others.

    So you only had to update one cue instead of all the cues.

    Get it?


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    Okay that makes it easier to understand now... it is just a shortcut to make editing easier, thanks
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