DL.2 Busking tips?

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I've busked with our DL.2's twice so far. The first time I built a bunch of beam palettes for content and objects, and placed global intensity on a fader. Between songs I would quickly build a look in the programmer then run up the fader. I let another operator busk the rest of the lights from a networked PC.

The other time was for a swing dance party and I used them mostly as conventional lights for arials and such on the dance floor. That time I used mostly scenes to access different looks quickly.

If you have some great tips you've learned from busking with DL.2's, please share them.


  • SBlairSBlair Registered User, HES Alumni
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    One thing I've seen used to great success is putting some different effects on bump buttons, where you can apply visual effects to the content on the fly with the music.
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