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Hi Guys!
well, i'm not sure if its okay to make such a post here, but well, here it goes..

i'm in the process of bying my own HOG control system, but i'm getting more and more unsure on wich to choose.

my budget is for eather a Roadhog, or a HOG3 PC with playback and programmer wings dual 17" touch monitors, all built into one of these: www.hogbox.dk

but if it was up to you guys, what would you choose?

i know i should test both, but here in Denmark, that really isn't an option.

so hope you wanna give at bit of advise or something :)

best Regards
Emil Højmark



  • barnes2000barnes2000 Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited May 2008
    As far as software goes, it's all the same. So, it's really about expandability and networkability. With the Roadhog, you can expand with widgets, but that will only go so far, and you can not network the console. Many programmers now, are networking a laptop or TabletPC running Hog3PC thru a WiFi connection so as to have a wireless remote. This works perfectly, and frees you from the console. You can focus those hard to see fixtures from anywhere, and you can run your cues from other parts of the house and so forth.
    If you dont mind all the pieces of a HogPC system, then it might be the better choice simply because you can build it at your own financial pace, and there are more expandable options. Nothing against the Raodhog. many people use them and love them.
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