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Hi Guys

Im programing a show with the Latest version of the hog3 pc and im running into some problems. Usually when I using the Hog its just for my movers but for this show it is 100 conventionals and 2 mac 250's. This is a dance show with alot of cues. So I have some questions. I had to switch my cuelist to cue only because of the conventionals but now it is affecting my movers. I cant seem to use the mark cue function with cue only on. Is this right? Also what it the best way for me to program a black out cue at the end of the song. Where all the intensities are off and I dont want the movers moving yet. BTW The macros seem diabled when I have cue only on. But I guess that makes sense since they cant affect the other ques.

Also is it possiable to write just one que number as a que only and not have to change the whole list over to que only? Let me know if there is a better way i should be doing this.


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    The short answer is that you should be using tracking and not running your show as "cue only". The benfits of tracking will allow you to do all that you want and more. I suggest that you read up on tracking in the User Manual. By continuing with cue only I think you will only run into programming problems as you describe. Section 2.4 of the manual describes tracking.
  • barnes2000barnes2000 Registered User, Hog Beta
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    One mover or hundred movers, you should use tracking. Nontracking with movers = headaches.
  • Sandals512Sandals512 Registered User
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    why go to cue only because of conventionals?

    The obsession which was designes as a conventional control console uses cuelist tracking.
    You should want tracking on in your cuelists anyway, will save you alot of headaches
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