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I just wanted to confirm some things about the DL2 that I will be using on a show soon and get anything I might be missing covered.
Essentialy it is my understanding, if the video input is through the RGB input the dl2 becomes simply moving head video projector(DL1). All I will have control of is he pan/tilt ,intensity i.e. basic moving light functions. Video funtions such as keystone are handled at the fixture panel. Is there anything tricky I should know under these conditions that will catch me up? Such as a mode funtion or addressing issue that is not obvious.
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    Hi Eric,

    One of the many features which separate the DL.2 or DL.3 from the DL.1 is that the DL.2 and DL.3 have an on-board media server. This media sever has stock content already pre-loaded on to the hard drive as well as the ability to accept custom user content.

    When using the DL.2 you will need to patch:
    1 DL2-Motion
    1 DL2-Global
    1-3 DL2-Graphic (for typical use, patch 3 layers)

    If you were to connect your video source to the external inputs on the top-box of the DL.2 fixture and Set the Projector Input to ‘External’ and only patch DL Motion, then theoretically you would be able to control the fixture like you would a DL.1. This of course depends on how the fixture is patched...you would need to patch 1 DL-2 Motion

    Keystone functions are manipulated within the DL2 Global, which is controlled by the lighting console.

    This scratches the surface. I recommend getting a copy of the manual and reading through it. :ninja:


    Hope this at least gets you started.
    Good Luck,
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    Thanks Paul-
    I understand the depth of the DL2's abilities and have had oblique brushes with them several times. I had hoped to actually use the advanced funtions you descibed but it has been taken out of my hands and my job is to point it and let it go . I just wanted to make sure I could get it going on my end.
    Thanks again,
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    Since you asked about the RGBHV input, I thought I would contribute this,
    You are correct, the RGBHV Input bypasses the media server,
    and you will have no control over keystone or anything other than the mechanical functions, iris, pan and tilt.

    any keystoning would have to be done from the playback device or maybe with the projector's built in keystoning functions (extremely tedious!)
    As far as I know, there is no control of keystoning the projector available on the control panel of the fixture.

    I would strongly suggest trying to have your source come into the DL2 as a S-video feed, then you will still have control of the image.

    Good Luck
    Joshua Wood
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