GB01 Error?

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I have an x spot that not a happy camper, I get this error when it homes GB 01 Error.....

After popping the shell I watched it as I re homed it. The Gobo wheels continue to slowly spin attempting to find the tab.

First Thought, Clean the sensor. (completed)

Same issue.

Second thought, Change the card on the module. (completed)

Same issue.

Third thought, swap module with another (completed)



What is going wrong with the module, I would like it fixed so I have my spare ready to use.



  • Woodj32177Woodj32177 Registered User, Hog Beta
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    The sensor for the gobo 1 has gone bad, or the wheel is somehow missing the sensor,
    block the sensor with the fixture plugged in, and you should see one of the lights on the 2 phase board change i believe from orange/red, to green.
    this works with all sensors on the xspot,
    all you have to do is trace back the motor to the 2 phase board it plugs into.
    the light will be next to the driver chip.
    if the sensor doesn't change when blocked with your finger, the sensor has most likely gone bad,
    or alternatively, the 2 phase card has gone bad (unlikely) or the wiring harness has gone bad.

    This does seem somewhat odd, as I don't have a fixture in front of me, since gobo 1 is on the same wheel as the fx wheel, why would 1 of them not home, but the other will.

    I would also take a close look at all the motors on that module, perhaps 1 of them has gone bad.

    Let me know if you need any clarification,
    Good Luck
    Joshua Wood
  • midstatetheatremidstatetheatre Registered User
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    ok I have swapped the sensor with another and the error has gone away, thanks for the. Support, the sensor was my next step just wanted to make sure I was on the right path. :outtahere:
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    Not your problem here, but I once got this error with a blown driver chip - the wheel would just sit there and rock, but not actually turn. You had to look fairly closely to see that it wasn't rotating . . . for what it's worth . . .

    - Tim
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