Technobeam Fuse Problem PLEASE HELP

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Hey everyone. I'm new to this forum, and i would like to say hello to everyone out there who love lights as much as i do. I'm glad i found this forum and hope to learn a lot while im here. I finally got enough money saved to get 4 technobeams :) hooray!!! but in the process aquired one with what i was told is only a slight problem.

The motor fuse keeps blowing. I was told it could be a power supply issue, but i dont know what to meter or where to meter to properly diagnose it. The friendly guy who sold it to me had cut one of the legs on the capacitor about an inch away from the fuse in an attempt to properly diagnose the problem, but he was unable to figure it out.

any suggestions

thanks for reading:outtahere:


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    I had the same thing, it was the board. I don't have the equp. to test so I sent it out to a repair shop cost about $139.00.
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