How to Program LED Battens

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Does anyone have any tips/tricks on programming LED Battens (specifically stagebars) on the Hog3?

I want to set a base colour (for example blue) and have random strips of another colour (for example green) run through it .


Green moving >>>


(The diagram represents a row of stagebars)

When would you use, HSI as opposed to RGB? Which is the easiest to work with?

I posted a similar question to this on the LN, but didn't get an answer. It would be much appreciated if I could get help here.



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    This is relatively easy to achieve using the Effects generator. Its a bit harder since you want to replace the Blue with the green and getting it to line up takes some adjustment. You'll want to set the fixture to a fairly high resolution to get the best effect (so if its possible to split it up into different fixtures, then try to do at least 18). The higher the resolution the better it will look.

    Essentially, you'll want to make two effects, one for blue and one for green (or red if you want to do that). Just go into the Effects engine, and set the intensity channel for each color to Sine (or whichever you like best, as each will make a slightly different pattern). Then Fan the effects offset, which will make it crawl across. The higher the offset, the bigger the places will be with no LED's on.

    Then, do the same with the blue intensity, but offset it at a different place, so that the blue goes where the green isn't. This will take a bit of time to figure out, but its not too hard.

    I find that works better then using the Hue, but you can play around with that too. The color blending is a bit wierd with that, since it will want to go to yellow before it hits green, but I'm sure you can make some cool effects with that too. Just do it the same way, except make the Hue parameter the one with the effect.

    Its alot easier to do additive effects (where you have blue up and add red in to make it magenta) since you only have to do one effect. Anyways, that should be a good basis to start on. Good luck and happy progamming.

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    hi Jared, just read your post, maybe you already figgered this out already

    first make 2 different colours and record as: fxcol1 and fxcol2 in your colourpallet

    then make a quelist with step 1 all fxcol1

    then make a 2nd quelist with the pattern you want ( split times or just steps with colour-info ) using fxcol2. I usually most of the time just make different steps in case of adjusting
    set both lists to ltp

    you can also use chase direction / random / que only to get different looks from quelist 2

    in this way if you want a new colourloop, just make a new colour for all "fixtures", and update fxcol1 or fxcol2, and your quelist will look as new...
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