Can you network multipile IPC's so that more then 4 universes are available?

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I'm having a bit of problem figuring out if this is possible. We recently had a customer who needed 12 universes of DMX output, but all we have are Hog IPC's. I couldn't figure out if you could connect the DP's from each console together or not, and they ended up using MIDI cables to control everything, and just patch each DP to where it needed to be.

What I am wondering, is if you can connect the consoles together via the network ports through the usual Router or switch, and then just control the DP's in one console from another (so in other words connect 3 consoles together, and just use one console to control everything using all 12 universes). Its different from the midi thing, since all that does is trigger a cue list or other basic things like that. Nothing detailed about this in the manual or in any cues I can see.

I'm hoping that its similar to attaching a external DP2000 or 4000. Just would like to know before this comes up again.

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  • glen010glen010 Registered User
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    No. (sorry)

    only the desk which is acting as the Server with have the internal DP available and any super widgets attached to it. and of course any DP2000 on the network.

    you cannot connect to the other Internal DP on the other IPC's.
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    Glen is correct. Only the server console is capable of using the USB or internal DMX outputs. The Hog iPC supports 4 universes internally and 4 universes of USB single universe DMX widgets or 4 universe superwidgets. If you need more than 8 universes, you can connect it to DP2000 network nodes or DP8000 network nodes (a new 16 universe product that we will be releasing later this year).
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    Hey thanks guys, we'll have to keep that in mind for the future. Like I said, 4 universes has been more then enough for our needs, but its nice to know what we will need in the future if we need more then that.

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