thirst cue in cuelist overides other cues in same cuelist

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I'm relatively new the hog consoles, currently im working with a hog 3 PC Setup. Thirst I have two say realy nice work! :hogsign:
But If have a litle problem, maby someone can :1zhelp: me out:

I have a allready existing show i'm modifying and ther is a cuelist with only one cue in it, with sets 2 desk channels to 100%. now when i add a second cue to the list, where 2 other channels a set to 100% and i adwance to this new cue in the cue list the two from the thirst cue stay at 100%. The Ouput window says that the source ist the 1. cue of that cuelist. the 2. cue works as it shoud and set the two other channels to 100% only when its active, but the 1. cue sets the two other channels allways to 100% only the masterfader modifys the value.
If somebody could tell me what kind of feature this an how you can switch it on and off i would be glad

Thank You


OK Found the problem, I did't understad the Tracking feature, now everything is clear. (Activating Cue Only solves the problem)


  • srautanesrautane Registered User, Hog Beta
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    There's a little problem with the cue least I think so. When channels are fading to zero they are released -> they follow release time, not the fade time in cue. If you want to fade them correctly don't use Cue Only in cuelist options. Record the channels at 0% in cue 2.
  • masterbasemasterbase Registered User
    edited April 2008
    the cuelist is under manual control and no fading is neaded
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