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A friend and I was discussing this recently, and I thought I'd ask around to see if anyone else have some thoughts on this subject.

It seems that during the recent year, especially here in western Europe (I can't really speak for the rest of the world) a lot of companies are getting rid of their blues in favour of more boring and strange desks (no names needs mentioning), and personally, we find this to be off some concern, as we consider the hog series to have major advantages in terms of working with them over other consoles.

It could be that this is just for the companies that we know, and that the real world is different. Does anyone else have some thoughts about this?

Perhaps the guys at HES can give us some sale statistics spanning the recent five years or something? And how is the state of HOG sales today, are you selling what you estimate?

On another note, I haven't seen a HOG advert in a major industry magazine for some time now... you know, I think the biggest selling point is looks and user friendly-ness :) , as all consoles can DO the same things these days.

I'm just curious and can understand completely if some of this is sensitive data or things that you don't want out in to the open for any reason.. just thought I'd ask.

I always fly blue!



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    While I can not post exact sales numbers here on the public forums, I can tell you that Wholehog consoles continue to sell extremely well and the number of consoles sold increases most every month. We are very pleased with the sales of Wholehog consoles.

    As for the advertising, that can be tricky because you have to target many different people... listing features targets only users of those features. We tend to have more "testimonial" advertising where high-profile people comment on their uses of the consoles. We do not focus the ads on "looks and user friendly-ness", so I am surprised that you feel that way.

    Thanks for your continued support and use of our "blue" consoles.
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    Thank you for this Brad, thanks for the e-mail as well. As I mentioned, I completely understand.

    I am pleased to hear that sales are going strong, as this increases the chances of getting to work with Hog no matter where I go.

    I'm not saying that looks is that important, but a lot of consoles can do the same things these days, so on top of that, the good buttons and the faders of the Hog makes a good selling point, as it makes for a pleasant working situation.

    Thanks for your continued support of us that uses the blue consoles!
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    I noticed a major growth of Hog3 platform-consoles in the world in the last 2 years, so sales must be good.
    For a band I am touring with I always spec anything Hog3 when I can't bring my own console, 2 years ago this was pretty difficult to get one. Now there are Hog3's, iPC's and RoadHog's all around in a lot of countries. I just take my USB-zipdrive and zipdisks and I have my show everywhere...
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