Intellabeam lamp not striking + issues

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I bought 6 intellabeams in varying condition (from car-crash-like to just about working).

On the few that work, the lamp strikes are not always successful. It seems like they don't like striking if warm. How can I go about diagnosing/fixing the problem?

Also one of them, when lit, makes a very loud buzz. I couldn't find anything loose in the unit, so I presume it's the transformer that is on its way out? It's one of the intermittent ones, and when it hasn't struck, there is no noise (except for the motors initialising).

I presume High End have circuit diagrams for the bulb circuitry? And a spec for the bulb so I can judge what's falling short?

Thanks a lot



  • PuffyfishPuffyfish Registered User
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    Since you have I-beams may I suggest you cantact Don [EMAIL="Pugh@"]Pugh @[/EMAIL]. On that fixture he is the best there is and he has parts in stock.:)

    Note* I beams need to cool 15 min before a re-start. They do not hotstrike.:( Never have and never will.
  • TimMillerTimMiller Registered User
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    Sounds like with the loud buzzing one the ballast is on the way out. I had one doing the same thing.
  • PuffyfishPuffyfish Registered User
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    Considering the age of the units I'm not surprised at all. It's to be expected as old as they are.;)
    A simple call to Don Pugh, take a few readings and he can almost tell ya the serial number of the unit. As tech's go he is the Jedi Master above all.
    Who do you think taught the rest...
    Phone calls are cheap, give him a call.
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    My experience babysitting a number of older I-Beams is that just about every failure of this type I have seen has been due to the plug on connectors on the power board. I replaced all of mine with hard attached terminal strips, and have not had a problem of that nature in years . . . . I suggest that you pull off the ballast, lamp, voltage select,
    and power input connectors - I have seen failures on all three create various odd symptoms, ultimately centered around failure to strike . . . The good news is that changing them out costs less than a buck a fixture, and takes about 30 to 45 minutes . . . not too bad a job, really!

    - Tim
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