visualization software?

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I'd appreciate some recommendations / advice on visualization software. I am a lighting volunteer leading a group of lighting volunteers at our church -- which is to say we are not professionals, we are doing this in our spare time, and we are on a budget (but who isn't).

My hope is to get a laptop setup running H3PC with a visualization environment that I and my volunteers could pass around so we could do our programming from home.

I am marginally familiar with ESP and know just a little about WYSIWYG. Are there other programs we should be looking at? My understanding is that ESP also requires special CAD software, is this standard for all visualization programs? Is it reasonable to run all this on a single laptop, and if so what hardware is recommeded? I know the answer is always "ask a dealer", but what are the price differences? What is your experience with learning curves and ease of use? Basically, what is the easiest, cheapest way to set this up?

I would appreciate any thoughts you are willing to give.

And incase it's helpful, here's our current setup:
Hog iPC
1 universe for house dimmers (48 channels)
1 universe for conventional movers (6 Mac250's installed, sometimes we rent more)
1 universe for LED architectural lighting along side walls (36 pixelrange units)
1 universe for 2 DL.2's



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    Hi, i'm using Wysiwyg since many years for all gigs, it doesn't need other CAD software, it could be used on one computer but it's better to use it on a separate one. I use it on a workstation with 2 Xeon quad core and a quadro FX 4500.
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