Studio Beam Fan Blues

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Hi folks...

I've had a problem crop up with my Studio Beams a few times now and I'm not sure what, if anything, I can do onsite to fix it up. Two of my three spares currently have logic cards that will not drive the head fans. The motors work just fine, the lamp will strike, and even the ballast fan is working, just not the head fans. The fans work when hooked up to my last remaining working Studio Beam, but I'm nervous to pull the logic card from my working spare and try it in one of the other fixtures in case the problem lies in the 24V power supply and it's frying something in the logic card.

Am I being too cautious? Any thoughts or tips anyone may have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  • PuffyfishPuffyfish Registered User
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    Send in the bad cards for repair.
  • TimMillerTimMiller Registered User
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    With the unit powered on, meter the fan connector. If you are not seeing 24V meter between the pin that the red wire on the fan connector goes to and ground (just touch an unpainted metal surface on the light, there are plenty to choose from) if you see 24 volts then more than likely the transistor that controls the fan has gone out. If you know how to solder than its an easy fix, if you do not know how to solder its better off sending in for repair or asking someone who knows how to solder to repair. I will post back which transistor it is, i do not have a board in front of me right now. It appears to be Q15 on the schmatics.
  • trevmantrevman Registered User
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    Yep I've got 24V across both fan connection points...and I've located that transistor at Q15. Thanks for the great advice!
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