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Say I record a cue with just gobo rotate at full speed on a fader and choose the IPCB option.

Whether the fader is up or down, when I press > the cue goes to full.

I want to be able to have the fader down, push > and gradually introduce the rotate (or whatever is in the cue)

Am I missing the obvious?

The way it's working right now...
Fader down, push >, cue goes to full, bring fader all the way up and then all the way down, then things work fine.

btw I'm working in v2.4.0


  • stephlightstephlight Registered User
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    Is there rotate option at O RPM recorded in an other Cue?
  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    To me, that would be correct...

    You record the rotation at full. When you push PLAY, it would run the full cue. Why would you need to press play when you're setup for IPCB on the fader?

    The way I do it is similar, but it's how you setup the OPTIONS.

    IPCB Fader
    +GO Off Zero
    +Release at Zero

    Now, you don't need to press play. Just raise the fader and you have speed control.

    Give it a shot and see if that's what you're looking for.

    (I'm assuming, as bad as that is, that you are building a separate fader to run the speed up and down...is this correct???)
  • ed the beamboted the beambot Registered User
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    Thanks. I get that.

    I will admit I forgot about not having to press >.

    If i have say, all fixtures rotating one way in the first cue and I want to drop the fader...result no rotation...and go to the next cue which has some fixtures going clockwise and some others going counterclockwise, all go to full on >.
    I want to slowly bring them back in with the new look.

    Is it possible to do with one list?

    I realize I could use manual cross fade between 2 cues. That, to me isn't the solution I'm looking for.

    In my mind if an IPCB fader is down the contents of the cue should not be running even if you hit go.

    Anyway, thanks for jogging my brain.
  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    Make sure you have "+ Release at zero" clicked. This would release the fader as soon as you hit zero.

    I would make a second fader with the clockwise/counterclockwise rotation.

    The fader will only run what is programmed and since it's not REALLY a speed channel, if triggered, it will just run the same direction.

    Does that make sense??? I was kinda confused writing it. :sad:
  • amir877amir877 Registered User
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    use the rate wheel if the console is the Wholehog 3
  • ed the beamboted the beambot Registered User
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    Sorry,not on a Wholehog. That really doesn't answer the why either.

    For this situation, I don't want the flash button to play the next cue. That does get me to the next cue of course but again, its at full when you hit the flash button...as would be expected.

    I too, had thought about using separate faders. That's the easy solution...if I had more faders.

    BUT I cant get it through my thick skull why the IPCB option behaves as it does. Not logical.

    If I have the fader down why would I want the cue to play at full??
    To me fader down translates to "I don't want to see this right now" (even if I hit >) If I want the cue at full I'll bring up the fader.

    I'm curious to know the benefits of having the IPCB work as it is now.

    Is my thinking just off track?

    What are the pros and cons of having this option behave "as is" verses the way I think it should work?

    Fire away......
  • srautanesrautane Registered User, Hog Beta
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    I remember I have had a discussion with Chris about this in some other thread. The reason was, I wanted to crossfade between IPCB faders. I wanted the value go the value given by the fader, when pressing the play. But the problem was the same as yours, IPCB and play works now the way like you said.
    I can somehow figure this is not an easy thing to implement. If we think a situation, where I have IPCB fader with gobo rotating 50rpm CCW and another fader 50rpm CW. It would really nice to change the direction just pressing play. But how would the desk handle this? There are a few ways how gobo rotate is done in fixtures and some are pretty tricky to abstraction layer. Easy one is where you have speed and direction in same dmx channel, but some fixtures have speed in one channel and direction in a another channel, like in Technobeam for example.
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    I think what is being desired here is valid and reasonable.

    Currently when using IPCB Xfaders, pressing play will cause the console to unlock the fader level and play the next cue to its fullest potential.

    As I understand it, the requested option here is to be able to be able to advance an IPCB cuelist via play while maintaining a maximum playback potential equal to that of the fader position. In other words the fader will not unlock.

    In that case we are thinking more along the lines of the functionality of an i-fader which essentially "inhibits" the intensity of every cue in the list to level of the fader.

    As Sami mentions we first confronted this problem when we first introduced IPCB cuelist functionality and unlocking the fader was the most stable and best working solution. When taking into consideration all the other cuelist options and playback preferences it can get a bit sticky when developing a feature like this because it also effects gotos, skip forward/back, release/assert behavior, and other items that have to fall in line to make it work consistently together.

    I will log an enhancement and see if we can't get an option added keep the fader locked when playing/goto'ing/skipping/ an IPCB cuelist. We will of course have to solve the problem of making sure the appropriate Xfade is used to go from one cue to the next since our IPCB Xfader still has the ability to move during a Xfade which could cause some interesting issues when trying to calculate/re-calculate a smooth fade from one cue to the next while the fader is moving.

    Logged as enhancement #11626
  • ed the beamboted the beambot Registered User
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    Hallelujah !

  • ed the beamboted the beambot Registered User
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    One other thing...
    It appears that the fader releases at zero.. ???

    For me I'd be happy be able to hit play when the fader is not controlling anything and advance to the next cue without going to full. I just want to be able to bring things in from zero.

    Making things work based on the faders position does seem way more complicated. This would be awesome though!

    Baby steps....
  • bo642bo642 Registered User
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    I think you should be able to have your two cues, one all same direction, two rotating diferent directions, and just press pause/back while the fader is @ 0 to get into your second cue. I think that should work. Let me know. Bo
  • sulkkissulkkis Registered User
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    The way I do things like this:

    Cue 1, rotation clockwise
    Cue 2, rotation counter clockwise

    Set the options like jxgriffi proposed but set also PLAY and PAUSE buttons to skip forward and backward.

    Now the next cue will be played when you will rise the fader and you can choose which is the next cue by PLAY and PAUSE buttons..

    There is a small bug if you will set the flash button "+go on flash". It will then actually not play the next cue but the cue after next cue. It's like pressing the "go" twice. Or is it a bug?

    Regards, sulkkis
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