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Hi folks -- we were given 2 lights (optima mojo scan 1x) that i dont have a manual for -- they are 3 channel scanners --- is there a way that i can send "raw" dmx to a given channel (i know what dmx channel they are on from the dips) so that i can start to determine the functions based on that. feed it value x get result y etc?



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    I just answered you on Light Network...but for the benefit here...

    No. You can't do a DMX test per se. Just patch 3 generic desk channels to see what you need to do.

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    jxgriffi wrote:
    Just patch 3 generic desk channels to see what you need to do.
    i'd actually recommend building a custom fixture that will display the raw DMX values as you're working with them.

    please find attached a screenshot illustrating how to complete the Fixture Builder and how the resulting fixture behaves.

    Output 1, Output 2 and Output 3 are Beam functions, about halfway down.

    there is a small display bug: after you build and patch your fixtures, values displayed in the Programmer will be off by 1 until you quit your show and re-load it.
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    just out of quriousity.. whast is that litte OB window on the right there?? i don't think i've seen a window like that before?
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    Actually the easiest thing (which I posted on the LN as well) is to use the "DMX Channel" in the "Fixture Lego" manufacturer. This is a single DMX channel that is displayed in 0-255 DMX values instead of 0-100% like a desk channel... Although Quinn's fixture builder method gives you all three channels on one fixture, which is nice too.
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    Thanks for all the input guys -- i got the values i needed and much to my great shock -- i got a marginally working personality file written that got me through the weekend. once the official one arrives (i requested it in the fixture update forum) im going to be very interested in looking at how a few of the things are set up but the good news its -- the fixtures are useable

    Thanks --

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