Dataflash Control?

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I have 2 old dataflash units with SO lamps. (these are NOT AF1000's) They have 3 pin xlr's for "data in" and "data out". My question is did the Dataflash units ever have the option to be controled via dmx from a console? The website only has 2 manuals. One for AF1000. And a second for the original Data Flash product that has 1/4" data in and out. So I'm hesitant to jam dmx in them without knowing what I have here.

If photos will help let me know.



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    Ah, roger that.

    I have a buddy who thinks he has a controller up on the high shelf. If not, "Ebay come, Ebay go".

    Thank you,

    John G
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    I have a controller in the building. I have not had a chance to look at it yet. Hopefully it will work fine to get some random flashes out of 2 DF's. I'll let you know how I turn out. Thanks again!

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    Another question. I have a "controller" in front of me that was manufactured in 95. It's faceplate is labeled;


    It has a 3 pin DATA LINK OUT.

    Will this control the old DATAFLASH?


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    Funny thing, the original dataflash protocall is far better than DMX.
    It's refresh rate goes thru the roof next to DMX. About 10 times as fast!
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    Just wanted to update the situation. I have rented some AF1000's to get the show going.

    Also, the vendor who sold me the old Dataflash units sent me an DMX upgrade kit for the fixtures that might be helpful once I have the time to figure out the retrofit. The kit included a different microprocessor along with a crystal that needed to swap and solder into the circuit board.

    The first attempt has failed to respond to DMX from the console but I'm hoping to go back in and take a closer look when I don't have an "show opening" chasing me through the theater.

    The other option will be to restore the original fixture processor and crystal and shop for an old HES DF controller.

    Thanks everyone!
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