trackspot issues

mixnightclubmixnightclub Registered User
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I have some issues with some trackspots.

first one seems to run for a maybe 30-60 seconds and then it blows the fuse on base and dies?? any suggestions??

second one powers up, homes and then dies, then powers back up and dies?? lose connections??

one has DMX issues, but I'll follow through as per the other post i read about that.

I might have one more, but can't remember what the issues are.

I hope this will help get these fixed for me!! thanks Darwin


  • muvmentmuvment Registered User
    edited March 2008
    Could I get a link for instructions on bypassing the voltage selector? I've got this issue on one of my fixtures that is awaiting resurrection (i've got a growing pilek of trackspots that yearn to live again)
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