Mods & Repairs of trackspot... lots of Q's!

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Just some questions - they relate to the original trackspot, not the newer versions with all sorts of extra gadgets. I bought a lot of units in varied condition and I want to rescue as many as possible, and even do funky upgrades for ones I intend to keep for myself.


Powersupply - has anyone tried finding replacements that are lighter? The ones included weigh a tonne! Maybe some kind of switched-mode PSU?

The fans: I want to make the trackspot fans quieter, I'm assuming that they can be replaced with normal 80mm PC fans. Would this work? Would they have to withstand higher temperatures than normal PC fans? What airflow specification would be a minimum requirement? And would it actually end up being quieter anyway? I was thinking of using a fan that increases its rpm with temperature.

Noisy units: I'm getting lots of noise from the gate/strobe in particular, but also when using the dimmers. Is there anything I can do to reduce this? I think the vibrations are coming from inside somewhere. Also even panning sometimes gets stuff rattling in the body!

Replacement parts:

I am accumulating a list of parts that I need for nearly-ok units:

The first glass filter straight after the bulb (is this colour correction, or heat absorbtion or what? Either way most of them are peeled like anything)

Purple dicroic filter: I love this colour! Need a replacement cos seems burnt out (shows white).

Main Mirrors - where to buy?

Voltage selector: is there somewhere I can purchase replacement? Got an intermittent connection.

Spare parts that might not be worth the cost

Stepper motors: The pan seems to be the first to go, then tilt. Where can I get these? How much are they? I'm guessing this is the main cost, on par with the main PCB.

New cases: ex-owners got over enthusiastic with redecorating and have white spots of paint all over. Do cases go cheap? And those funky labels on the side and top - some units were transported without care and are a total state.

Any points anyone can make on the above would help me with at least one unit!! Thanks in advance



  • Woodj32177Woodj32177 Registered User
    edited March 2008 is your best source for most of these parts.
    I would suggest not replacing any parts with parts not intended for a fixture.
    fans are cheap, so I would suggest not using any off the shelf parts.

    Good luck
    Joshua Wood
  • JodyFlorianJodyFlorian Registered User
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    Thanks Joshua I'll have a look there and report back :)
  • PuffyfishPuffyfish Registered User
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    Where are you at Jody? Between HES, and myself we can help you out. Give any of us a call.

    Trackspots rule, others still drool to this day!
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