IPC Startup and monitor problems

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Good Morning.

I own an IPC and just started having some issues that I hope you can help me with.

The problems started with version 2.3.1. I have since upgraded to 2.3.2 and the problems persist.

Here is what's going on.

The console will not start up unless I have the toggle switch turn on and then push the reset button on the back. Once I push the botton, the console starts up fine. I have to do this procedure each time I want the console to start up.

My second problem that just started yesterday, is that my right side monitor (monitor 1) isnot receiveing a signal when plugged into the main monitor port. If I switch the rgb connections between the two monitors, the problem switches to the other monitor, so it seems that the problem is with the main rgb port. When either monitor is pluged into that port, the signal led under the monitor stays yellow instead of turning green when a signal is being received.

I have opened the console to reseated the video card (which was already seated). In the monitor preference window, both monitors are recognized until I pull the rgb and USB cables.

I have a show that mounts on Sunday and would love to get an idea of what is going on and what I can try to solve the problem.

Thanks for your help.



  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
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    Hi Glen,
    I have seen the startup problem with the IPC consoles.I think it is dependant onhow you switch the console off.
    Do you shutdown the console using the software or powerdown using the power on/off rocker switch to the rear of the console?

    The monitor issue will more than likely be resolved with a full install using the latest iso release which for an IPC is 8.1.0.
    Then upgrade to the latest software versions and ipc config pael as required.
    Back up any shows you require as this process will erase everything on the hardrive.

    You don't say if you are using a third external monitior as some issues in some of the recent ipc software releases have caused unexpected problems.
    Have a look at the forums using the search function.

    Good luck C
  • goodwinltggoodwinltg Registered User
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    Hey, Thanks for the quick reply. I got the monitor situation back online by resetting the bios settings. Brad Hayes sent me a tech bulletin so now the console operates like it should...except for the "turning on" I have always used the software to shut down the system. Since the console is also a rental unit, I cannot vouch for what others do, even with shut down instructions.

    I was the last time to use the console and now when I just set it up yesterday, the start up issues came up.

    I might try to change out the battery, but it's holding the time and date, so not sure if that is really the problem either.

    Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Glen... I think the latest email I sent shoudl help you get going...
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