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I have a show that I've been running since the beginning of October. For one cue in our show we have a desk channel chase. The chase was built with the effects engine and steps from fixture 1 thru 10 in that order.

Two days ago the chase got screwy, and instead of starting at fixture 1, started at fixture 6. We have not updated for changed anything in that cue since we started our tour.

We are running our show on a Ipc, and the software in one release behind (last install was a full image install). The show is run off one cuelist (approx 495 cues).

Has anyone seen this before, or have a fix of some sort?

Thanks for your help,

Justin Dowbiggin


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
    edited March 2008
    I have not seen this....are you sure you didn't accidentally update your FX cue by mistake....does the FX cue reference a palette anywhere?

    At any rate the easiest thing to do is open your cue in question into an editor (Cue ### OPEN).

    Then change the editor to look at your OFFSET values (from the top toolbar).

    The fixture you want to be first should have an offset somewhere around 324
    the second at 288
    The third at 252
    the fourth at 216.......are you seeing the pattern yet (increments of 36 working backwards from 360).

    if this is not what you are seeing, then press the EDIT button fromt he toolbar and edit each cell in the spreadsheet to have the offset you would like....press UPDATE when you are done.

    Hope this helps:)
  • jd2180jd2180 Registered User
    edited March 2008
    Thanks, I will give it a try tonight.


  • davebishdavebish Registered User
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    I believe I've seen this too - occasionally the chase will look nothing like the one you programmed. Didn't say anything earlier as I haven't seen it for a while and thought I was going mad...
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