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I'm working on a status cue system that I'm fixing up before I sell. Anyway I had to piece together a computer with a ISA slot, I did happen across a hard drive with windows 95 (forgot how much of a pain that system was!). So I've got the computer up and running and the software installed and it runs without the link card installed, however when I install the link card it beeps three times over and over (one long beep pause and then two short beeps and repeats) the screen is blank. Oh one other thing thats its doing is the floppy drive is spinning and the busy light is on and there is no disk in it? can anyone help me with this?


  • samuraidsamuraid Registered User
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    With regard to the floppy drive, are you sure the cable is plugged in the right direction? Many times, if the cable is plugged in upside down (easy to do) the drive will act just as you described: the light will remain on even when you have no floppy disk inserted.
  • TimMillerTimMiller Registered User
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    The beeps you hear are upon bios post. Check your bios settings to make sure the slot is enabled. Status Cue will run on win 98. May even run on XP, though i have never tried it.
  • jeeperjeeper Registered User
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    I'll check the floppy drive cable but I think its right cause I had it the other way and I got a message that said wrong type, also I think the bios is ok but I will check again.
  • bigdarkspotbigdarkspot Registered User
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    you may be experiencing IRQ conflicts. Until I built up my SQ PC about a year ago, I had forgotten how nice Plug and Play is! Make sure that your link card is set so as not to conflict with any other hardware devices. I don't remember if the memory mapped IO is configurable on the link card, but that may be in conflict too.
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