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I have a client with an interesting question. They have an iPC and connected standard a 19-inch external monitor for their 3rd monitor. They were able to pick from several resolutions and fit more screen area onto their external monitor. (Viewing lots of palettes, long cue lists, etc.)

They recently purchased an ELO 17" Touchscreen monitor and began using that for the 3rd monitor on their iPC. However, when the console detects the 3rd touchscreen, it limits the resolution options to 800 x 600. Also it recognizes the 3rd monitor as a 12" rather than a 17". (I.e. it looks like the driver is for a 12" monitor rather than a 17".) They are using recent software. So I have some questions.

1. Is the resolution limit based on the touchscreen so that the desk doesn't bog down or is the resolution limited because any higher resoultions would be difficult for the touchscreen to interpet? (I.e. the squares get so small for palettes that you can't hit one with out bumping the adjacent one.)

2. Is there a more recent driver for the 17" ELO monitors for the iPC?
(Windows XPe)

3. I know that the iPC had some different video cards so has there been in a change in video cards that would allow an increase in resolution? Their desk was new in Dec 06 / Jan 07.

Thanks in advance.

Travis Slyter
Ruehling Associates, Inc.


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    The touchscreen driver is the same for all ELO models. Can you tell us the desk SN and the model number of the ELO screen? You say they are using recent software, but what XPe image are they running?
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    I will get that info to you. The XPe image is something that I mentioned to them, but they thought they had the latest version. However, they may be running the lastest version of HOG software, but not be running the newest version of XPe. I doubt it's the latest of either. I'll get back to you. Thanks.

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    Is the monitor connected via VGA or DVI?

    What happens if you don't connect the USB, and just run it as a standard monitor? Can you set higher resolutions then?
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    The monitor was connected via DVI. So the customer switched and connected it via VGA and that seemed to offer different resolution settings. Of course that also caused the desk to re-order the monitors and it took a while to get them configured properly. But now things seem to be working fine and he can raise the resolution of his large 3rd monitor to see more palettes. Seems strange that the DVI vs. VGA would make that much difference in resolution, but atleast it's working now. Thanks to everybody for all their help.

    Travis Slyter
    Ruehling Associates, Inc.
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