Intellabeam Logic Problem?

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I have a half dozen Intellabeam 700hx and a couple of them are beginning to act a bit strange. They power up fine but a couple intermittantly re-iris, and pan off then return - almost like a rehome without restriking the lamp and rotating the wheels inside. Is this a data board problem? also, occassionally they do not reliably hit programmed cues. The pan/tilt will be off by several degrees consistantly but when re-starting the fixtures they seem to correct. I hope this makes sense. Any ideas would be appreciated. Since these are discontinued, I have one to cannibalize for parts and have done so for some items- mirror.


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    If the dmx connector is loose or the solder comes loose, the symptoms above will occur (generally a home) -- as for the position, check the pan/tilt brake.
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    True that Steve! Theres a small latch in each XLR. Its whats in the hole in the middle of the connector. If it's not in latch position, you can have problems.:blackeye: Is this set-up terminated? Have you put a DMX'ter on the line to check for errors?:dunno:
    Check for a cold solder joint, and I mean really look close, every wire.
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    Thanks for the input. I have checked all the dmx cables, I am using a terminator on the last fixture and I have checked all the solder joints and redone any that seemed in question. Now running the fixture and observing what is happening I am wondering if it is a pan problem. The mirror randomly pans to one side and then returns to its position. It only pans it doesn't home the fixture or tilt. Could this be a pan motor or something on the logic board? I have also tried running this fixture as the 1st in the dmx chain and also last and it makes no difference. Help?
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