Super Widget vs. DP2000

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When expanding a Road Hog Full Boar to eight universes, are there any big Pros & Cons of using a Super Widget versus a DP2000 ?

I doubt this, but does HES/FPS have one scenario that they recommend over the other?



  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    Hey Phil,

    I would think that there is more than enough power in the RHFB console since we can actually go to 12 universes with superwidgets (an additional superwidget built into the new wings is an option now - 1 per wing x 2 wings + console = 12 DMX universes).

    My personal experience on other consoles (iPC & RH) is that there doesn't seem to be much difference in DMX output running the same programs from the same show in a DP vs Widget (I was using a DMX DataLynx to monitor output refresh rates etc...).

    Ironically in the past few software build the DP has performed slightly better than the widgets in the heavy processing programs (lots of HTP channels crossfading at the same time, fully loaded universes, rapidly changing crossfade speeds, firing and releasing virtual lists and scenes at the same time......etc.).

    I have not run this test on the new RHFB yet though.
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    The DP can be situated away from the console....
  • RomanRoman Registered User
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    I can say from my experience that you should not mix up dp's and superwidgets. This will cause you to have very bad timing issues.
    e.g.: you have a few universes of leds und run effects.... the built effects looks fine one stage -> so you record it to a cuelist -> play the list and woooooo this looks strange.

    The other reason to use the widgets is - you can load them near to full.
    try this with your dp's.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

    all the best and good luck Roman
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