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No matter if it's Color, Intensity, or Position...there are many different types of programmers out there, and I was curious about the creative process you guys go through when programming. So, if you don't mind, I've made this poll to give me a better idea about a particular area of programming I'm interested in. Feel free to add comments.



  • Innovative IlluminationsInnovative Illuminations Registered User
    edited February 2008
    I know when I build shows, I find it easy to build color and INT chases with the effects engine. Once I grasped the concept of how the effects engine worked in conjunction with fanning and grouping, I find it much easier to build what I call "chase lists".

    In order to create an effects look I'll create a single cue Macro that triggers several different cuelist. For example, one list maybe a color chase while another list is a movement effect that would get triggered at the same time. I'll refine the timming if necessary, but it saves a whole lot of time for me.

    Depending on the situtation, I may create the standard step cue if I need fixtures to fade with times to do something more "specfic".

  • lightkidlightkid Registered User
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    I usually program some intensity and most position things with the effects engine....
    but color and gobo as well as intensity snap things are allways chases...
  • amir877amir877 Registered User
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    Im sure if i will can record a Chase as a part of a cuelist in an easy way, i will make a lot of use of them then now.
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