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I recently had a problem with one of my DL2's output from the stock content freezing up in the middle of the show in a transition between two stock contents, does anyone know what would cause this to happen. I had to reset the graphic system which when all was said and done caused a signifigant problem as it was out for so long. Thanks for any help on this.



  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    The only time I've ever seen a DL.2 "freeze" like this is when doing a content cloning operation from CMA, and then only or a brief interval before they came back.

    A few questions about your setup...

    1 - how long were the servers/computers inside the DL.2s running?

    2 - what is the hardware spec on the computer inside the DL.2 (Pentium 4 vs. Core 2 Duo.....model of the video card....size of the HDD, and how much custom content is loaded....?)

    3 - make sure your LCDs on the DL.2s set to either "On" or "Off" not "Preview" ("Preview" can cause some strange things to output and should never be used during a show).

    4 - are you trying to run the DL.2s off ArtNet and use CMA at the same time?

    5 - was there anything that might have caused a lapse in DMX, or were the units booted up before they were getting DMX?

    6 - are all the units running the same software and firmware versions?
  • Woodj32177Woodj32177 Registered User
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    I have seen this happen when a DL2 Hard drive was failing,
    Although instead of freezing, it usually just showed up as stuttering content, but would occaisionally freeze entirely..
    Joshua Wood
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