Texture on custom objects low grade

NDillonNDillon Registered User
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Hey guys,

So I made some custom objects, and the texture seems very low grade. The stock content looks way better. Anyone have a suggestion.

How I create the objects:

1. AutoCAD

2. Convert in Deep Exploration

3. Load on Server

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  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    This is because you have not set UV coordinates for your object. So they all default to zero I believe.....I had some trouble with this myself initially until I understood UV maps.

    You will need to do this in a 3-D modelling program such as Lightwave 3-D (I'm pretty sure you cannot do this in AutoCAD).

    You can build the shape in AutoCAD....convert in Deep Exploration to a .LWO for use in Lightwave....then build your UVs (or use the free Super UV plugin for Lightwave)....and then convert again to .x via Deep Exploration.

    Not the answer you wanted I'm sure, but I hope this helps explain it at least a little bit.:)
  • NDillonNDillon Registered User
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    Ya, I kind of got that far from the manual. I see in Deep Exploration you can adjust a whole lotta UV parameters. Unfortunitly nothing says UV Coordinates. :outtahere: <-- Why I thinks these things are funny, I have no idea.
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