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Hey folks,

I was doing a show a few months back blending 3 DL2's across a hard set with two 9 x 12 screens built into the set. I wanted to mask out the 9 x 12's with black so I brought layer 2 to full and made a black box, as soon as I went to scale it I got a lot of distortion from my main layer (or bleed through) I also noticed this is the case with the Axons as well. I know there is a mask channel, but it only alows to mask in the center of the image. Is this problem going to be fixed, or is there another way to basically PIP out( or mask) a black box?? Thanks,

Geoffrey Platt
Lighting and Set Designer


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    I would try using the Inside Rectangle Mask (DMX value 3), but you cannot change the shape of a Mask apart from Keystone.

    Whenever I need to build something odd like this I either build a custom PNG file or a custom .x object file.

    In your case I would have closed the Iris on you 9x12 units and only used the center DL.2 to hit the set in the center.
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    Would also be a real bonus if it was possible to import custom masks into axon sometime in the future rather than using a png or other file type and not having that layer any more.
    I know some people can import custom x files but there must be a more staightforward way to do that....

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