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I dont find the Value of Collage to make a 5X2

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    FxDrew wrote:
    Hope this has done more help than harm... and if I'm totally wrong, I'm sure matt will correct me :) . Take care!
    That's right, I'm just here to be a smarty-pants :sad2:;)

    Calculating out pixel-for-pixel collage sizes gets annoyingly complicated when factoring blends and so forth. For anyone that is interested, I can give a full explanation later, but for now, a short and sweet answer.

    There are two guidlines that we try to steer people towards and those are 1) figure out the aspect ratio of the total collage and 2) make your content the same ratio and attempt to keep the total pixel count (Height x Width) to about 750,000 pixels.

    So, for a 5x2, you are stacking 5 projectors wide and 2 tall with each projector containing a 4:3 aspect ratio. So effectively, you've got a 20:6 image, or 10:3 simplified. The content should then be made to fit 10:3 aspect ratio and keep within the 750,000 pixel count, or for a quick calculation about 1600x480. This will put you at 768,000 total pixels.

    The reason that we recommend 750,000 pixels is that seemed to be the largest content that the original DL.2 computers would playback smoothly. If the entire rig contains the newer Core 2 Duo computers, you should be able to get away with higher pixel counts. Some experimentation would need to be done for your specific application, and your results may vary.

    Also, the content does not need to be pixel for pixel accurate. The DL.2 will automatically scale the content to fit the entire output. As long as the correct aspect ratio is kept, there will be no funky stretching of the media clip.


    To answer your question, 1600x480 should be the proper content size for your application.
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