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*NOTE* Dear HES, pelase don't shoot me:15: . Your products are the bomb and if I could afford them I would buy them :o **

that being said, I am at a place where I need to purchase a few new fixtures. I have been working with the Chauvet line of 575 Q-spots and Legend Wash fixtures. over the course of the year I have had many issues with reliability and in dealing with their support I can not bring myself to purchase any more of their automated fixtures. So i'm looking into some of the other Brands that are also on the cost friendly side of things. I wanted to know if anyone has had Good/Bad experiences with the Elation brand of products? What I need are a few additional Wash fixtures. if you have any other brand suggestions I would love to hear them.



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    You may want to try http://www.lightnetwork.com for a question like that. There is a broader user base in that forum than you would find here since this is a High End Forum.
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    Thanks Andrew!
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    This is why I don't buy the 'knock offs'. Its about quality, and how it's made.
    HES gear is all on the same quality level throughout the product line. Even the 'club fixtures' get the same quality chips, wire and nice fat fans with the exception of a 6 month stint with some UK made fixtures. Hated those...

    Martin has 'club' and 'pro gear'. The 'club gear' is to me substandard, I don't carry it because it does not last. However their pro gear is some good stuff. The same goes for Robe and Technolux.
    For the most part 575w seems the be the divider in these. Above gets the pro and the lower gets the goo.

    HSE is my favorite I've seen all the rest since '89' I'm right where I belong.:headbang:

    my 2 cents.:D
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    I would love to go High End. Believe me! But when you have a cash barrier you are often forced to go slumming :)

    Thanks for your 2 cents!
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    no offence to highend but clay paky is really taking over the market down here in houston. I have just flipped my inventory from martin to clay paky. Its great working for a company that owns all highend, and a little coemar, then i have claypaky and martin, Put them all together in a show and what do you have......

    Martins that F-up with stupid errors, and some sweet looks :D.

    Honestly I think the studio spot/studio color line and the cybers were some of the most bullet proof fixtures highend has made. I havent been around the show gun so i cant make a judgement on it yet, nor has it been in the market long enough yet to see how it does. We shall see in another 8-10 years how the show gun is truely doing. Will it be another x-spot cool but plagued with problems or will it be the next cyberlight.
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    TimMiller wrote:
    We shall see in another 8-10 years how the show gun is truely doing. Will it be another x-spot cool but plagued with problems or will it be the next cyberlight.

    Time will tell....

    All of the initial indications I've seen working with SHOWGUN so far is that they will indeed be the next big industry workhorse.
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    I still say the Tracspot needs to be reborn. Its still the standard of the worlds fastest and most reliable under 300w scan unit and hasnt been made in years. Toughest thing I've ever seen, bar none. That includes everything. Period.
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    The TracSpot is the greatest small room light ever... I have third hand Tracs that still rock the party... ha!

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    Well, if you are looking at the Elation line, I've had very, very good experience with the Design Spot series (All of them). I've been using them for years flawlessly, just like the Studiospot 575 CMY's that I've been working with for years.

    Now, they aren't as bright out of an MSD250 as a Studio Spot 250, but they are damn close.

    They come with some pretty cool stock gobos, too.

    I wouldn't recommend anything on the American DJ line except the Accuspot 575, though. American DJ and Elation Lighting are the same company, by the way.

    If you'd want any more information on the Elation line, feel free to send me a message.

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    Honestly, check out gear source or T2K on some used fixtures. No matter what brand when you get around the 575 stuff the price gets high. But there is some extremely nice used stuff out there.
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    Stay far away from any chinese brand light. I make a lot of my bread from fixture repair and i end up fixing quite a bit of AmDJ, Chauvet, & Elation. Honestly, their design isn't half as bad as us elitists would assume, but their build quality and durability are awful (hence why I make good money repairing them). Martin has awful 24/7 support staff and you couldn't pay me to use another one of their fixtures.
    I'm still a die hard High End enthusiest, but vari-light is putting out some exciting products. At LDI in late October, they'll be unveiling a 400W moving yoke spot fixture that they said would have a street price (whatever that means) of around $3k. Thats pretty competitive, so it might be worth a look at that price. Compare to Martin's new 150W moving yoke fixture at $3k.
    I've heard good things about Clay and have used some of their fixtures, but don't know about their reliability. Coemar is always fun products, but again, I can't assert the value and durability. You simply can't beat the used price and ease of use of High End's spot and wash fixtures. The X-Spot X-tremes are just excellent and those Studio Commands are without equal.

    Lately, I've been getting in a habit of using Spots and LED panels instead of washes. For the kind of coverage, they end up at a similar price with less power usage & less maintenance.
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