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I am new to the forum if this has been addressed some where else please let me know.

In my cue list I will hit the view cue and edit the cue from there then I will hit the edit button and that causes a editor crash. I hit pig open backspace and it tell me that the editor is not responding. Help please


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    How To Report Bugs
    A typical bug report should appear as follows:

    Thread Title:
    “(xxx)Bug Report: yyy” where xxx is the software build number and yyy is a brief description of the bug.

    Post body--
    Software Version and build number:
    Number of displays:
    Connected USB Devices:
    Networked Devices:
    Detailed description of the problem including instructions to reproduce (if possible) and exact syntax used:
    List any errors reported by the software:

    We prefer that you attach or email a show file and instructions for repeating a problem whenever possible.

    For Hog 3PC Please also include the following additional information:

    Operating System:
    Computer Specs:
    Number of displays:
    Other running applications:

    Please also refer to the following document for details on obtaining dump logs:
    Hi Brett try and include some of the information in the text above to make your post easier to fix,
    Good luck Cormac
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    Please let us know what version of software you are using and what type of console. The current software is v2.3.1 (1932), if this is not what you are running then you might try upgrading to the current version. If you still experience the problem, please upload your show to me at http://upload.highend.com and let me know which cue in which list you have this problem.

    As a work around, you should be able to enter "cue # Open" on the command line to open and edit the cue...
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