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So, i had a DL2 recently to try out. I'm going to be using 2 for the first time on a show in April/May. I will have a lot of custom images and videos to upload to the fixtures. I got the hang of the DL2 quickly and was working with the standard content just fine. Then i wanted to try to use a custom picture. So, using CMA i was able to drag and drop it from my pictures folder on my laptop to the i think it was users objects folder. I never was able to figure out how to get it to appear on the DL2. Hope this makes sense.

I'm sure someone out there can help me.



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    If you dropped it into the Objects folder then that would be a real problem. Please confirm that.

    In the User Content folder, you will have to create a specific folder for your content and then place your content in that folder. You will then need to assign a DMX Value for both the folder and the files you added. This is how you would then access this content from the console. You can assign these DMX values by right-clicking on the folder and on the files.

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    yeah, i'm pretty sure it was the user objects folder. Ok, so that was not right. However, where is the User Conent Folder you speak of. When I was connected to the fixture and had the CMA open, in the box on the left where it lists the fixtures, there was no User Content Folder. Is that the same as the User Media folder? Sorry,this probably sounds really moronic, but i'm just not sure and when i get them again, it will be crunch time. I got the assigning DMX and all that. I understand that. let me know.

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    mattmand wrote:
    Is that the same as the User Media folder?

    Yes. Put all new custom content folders into user media. Assign DMX values for BOTH folders and files.
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