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cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
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i'm sure this information is somewhere but i can't find it.

1.Is the stock content on an an axon/DL-2 suitable for collage?

2.If i make a custom mask using a .png file from photoshop that is going to be used as a mask in collage mode,either 2 x 1 or 1 x 2 do i use the settings suggested here
or should i use something else?
I understand i will be using one of the three layers to use this mask which is not really an issue.

thanks C


  • Frankv1234Frankv1234 Registered User
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    1. The stock content is great for collages

    2. If you make a mask with black and transparent you will be fine exporting directly out of photoshop in png. If you are gone use other colors in your mask then you have the follow the custum content prep guide. It really makes a BIG difference especially in the edge blending areas


    Frank Verbeek
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