Road Hog Blue Lights

JEmanuelJEmanuel Registered User
I know it isn't possible now, but I've had several event planners come up to me asking if I can get rid of those "annoying blue lights" coming out of my console. Since there isn't any control in the console, some handy gaffers tape over the lights solved the problem.

The blue lights they were talking about were the two blue lights that flank the worklight on the Road Hog. I don't know how they are set up as far as hardware goes, but if there's a way to build contol of them into the software just like all the other lights on the console it would be great to include that in future software releases.



  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    The blue side marker lights are intended to indicate power and to add to the aesthetics of the console. While there is no way to turn them off via the software, you do have 2 solutions. One is to use tape as you have found. The other is to open the console and unplug the power connector for these lights. It is a simple computer-style plug directly into the power supply. The console will operate fine with this unplugged.
  • JEmanuelJEmanuel Registered User
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    Thanks Brad. I'll do one of those to keep event planners at bay.

    But for future software releases could it be looked into adding a dimmer or on/off capability through the software?

    Thanks again
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