Advanced Merge Show (. . . help?)

deegsterdeegster Registered User
Can someone please work with me to get this right?

I have two shows, we will call them:

1: House Show
The house show is what it states, all programming, colours, effects, palettes, etc for our Venue, where different concerts are weekly, and programming needs to be on the fly. There is only one page, the House lights page.

2: Band Show
A local band practices at the venue, and we have been building a custom light show for the venue and this band. This of course contains a seperate page for each song, with special palettes for effects, positions, etc.

The two shows share the same fixtures, and therefore can share the same basic colors and some basic positions, except Spot lights and such.

When I am at the Venue, I am working on the House Show constantly updating things, trying new things, making new positions, effects palettes, colour palettes, on the fly cuelists, and so on.

Then when we have a show coming up, we work on the Band Show, updating scenes, changing out colours, adding new songs (pages), and the like.

When the show for the Band arrives, I need to be able to run the Band Show, but still have capabilities to run House lights on the opening acts. It would also be nice to be able to interchange the two Shows so that any new effects, colours, palettes, etc that look great, can be used later on in either show.

So what I am looking for, is some way to program the two shows and merge them together to update any new information, and not merge anything that stays static (basic colours, basic positions, basic effects).

What I have been trying to do is rename all the positions in both shows their own special names - HS Pos 1, HS Pos 2 . . . BS Pos 1, BS Pos 2 . . . and then assign them different numbers. 001 HS Pos 1, 1001 BS Pos 1.

I have tried merging the shows, but no matter what I try, something gets screwed up. I'm not sure if there is an easier way around this or not, but can I please get some help? Thank You!~!!!! :1zhelp:

(ps - Is merging easier to handle with HogPc then trying to do it on the console?)


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
    edited January 2008
    In addition to keeping the position names unique, I would make sure that they are also in unique postion ##s. Do the same for pages, cuelists, and scenes...keeping them all in their own unique "slot" so to speak sometimes helps when merging showfiles....addtionally try makeing sure that you always "append" when doing this type of merge and not a "replace".

    You will have to shuffle things back around a bit, and possible re-name after the merge, but at least you will have a combined show with all your info in the same file.
  • deegsterdeegster Registered User
    edited January 2008
    Yea I have been giving them their own ##s, but what type of merge do I do with things that don't change, like basic colours?

    Also, I'm trying to make this as easy and proficient as possible, so that I won't kill time renaming and reshuffling. Would doing this on the pc be easier than the console?
  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited January 2008

    I find merging on the PC a bit quicker than on a console, but of course that is up to you. They both use the same code and process, so there is really no difference. As Marty said you will want to "ammend" and not replace with your merging.
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