v2.3 bug report 3rd monitor

DrEadDrEad Registered User
iPC s/n 74CA3506001
v2.3 b1928 full install. new show and previous show merged
2 x 15" elo touch screens
1 x 19" phillips monitor on DVI
1 x playback wing
keyboard mouse

Hi guys,
I'm too busy at moment to work out and write all the details, but the same old 3rd monitor on DVI bugs are there... but worse.
Since I changed the 3rd monitor resolution...
the work around where you start up with 3rd monitor disconnected, now sends 2nd monitor graphics to 1st monitor, which of course gets written into the show file...
So, now the work around i'm using is... have to load show from back up file i created without 3rd monitor enabled. very annoying. :sad: lucky we don't have to do any programming today...
If i get some spare time i'll try and work out how to recreate it and send more info...



  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited December 2007

    Did you update the Hog iPC config panel or just the Hog 3PC? Did you do the full XPe image 8.0.6 install?

    Please send more information as you can and we will try to determine what has occured.

  • DrEadDrEad Registered User
    edited December 2007
    Hi Brad,
    Full XPe 8.0.6 image install.

    I think it only happened after I changed 3rd monitor resolution to 1024 x 768 75hz 32 bit, but it is a constant problem now. ie whenever i enable 3rd monitor it will do the same thing. So I assume it has written something into the XPe side.
    There is no difference if I enable 3rd monitor before or after show is loaded.

    This particular iPC has always had an issue with 3rd monitor, ie we use the disconnect on power up and plug in after system is started, then enable, disable enable to get it working, work around.
    This is the iPC which went back to HighEnd in US for service earlier this year.

    Our other iPC does not have a 3rd monitor issue with 8.0.5 but as it needs to run a show 13 hours every day I will only update to 8.0.6 after NYE.

    I will be updating 1 or all of our Hog3PC systems to latest version today.

    Craig Burridge :hogsign:
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