iSpot Nightmare

CRBatchelorCRBatchelor Registered User
I am working in a venue that has 11 iSpot 575 fixtures in it, and they are performing very eratically, either strobing, or dimming a second or two later than the rest of the fixtures. I have several other fixture types on this show and none of them are having any problems. This seems to me like a DMX refresh issue with the coemars. Any insight on this? I tried using a couple of different refresh rates on the DP and some of the settings made it worse but can not make it go fully away.

The house console is a Hog 500 which does not seem to cause these problems.


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    There are some other threads floating around regarding this....some people have had good results by inserting certain opto-splitters or DMX mergers into the line between the Coemars and the H3. I can't seem to find any of them with the search tool here though....the one I am thinking of is several years old already...
  • Holger SteffentorweihenHolger Steffentorweihen Registered User
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    I´ve had the same problems with Coemar Supercycs and HOG III.

    Supercycs adressed to channel 1 are working perfect, but as higher the DMX Adress as longer is the latency between console input and ouptut at the fixture.

    Inserting a MA DMX Merger fixed the problem.


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