need perspective on media server with LED wall

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Going to be programming a tradeshow booth in a few weeks. Looking like it will be a Maxxedia in a dual output configuration. 1 output feeding a few plasmas and one feeding an LED wall. The LED wall is probably going to be Barco Mitrix panels. In addition to that 1 iPC will be controlling a bunch of movers and some desk channels.

I started playin around with a patch and pre-program of this show. I see that there is a bunch of different "fixtures" avalable for the maxxedia server.

Besides the base profile what do ya'll recommend?

The LED's will be hung in a somewhat abstract pattern. Narrow at the bottom and getting wider as it goes up. Does masking help with this pattern?


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    These questions might be better answered at the forum on I know alot of guys use both the Hog3 and Maxedia here, but it sounds like you are more wanting to know about how to do pixel mapping and such with the Maxedia, rather then anything to do with the Hog console. I know its a bit hard to do two totally different types and sizes of screen, but its certainly doable. Good luck man.

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    You probably want to havea look at this thread as well:

    If you are sending to just Plasmas and a MiTrix, then you won't need to use pixel mapping. The MiTrix processors will handle the signal input and do the mapping.

    Pixel mapping is really for DMX-LED fixtures that you want to send video through.

    Hope this helps:)
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    Try to look around the Forums at ... You will find a lot if info there.

    Concerning your question: The Maxedia Base Fixture is the one, which lets you select, which cue you output. The cues themselves you will need to do in the Maxedia directely. From the desk you only recall ready made cues. You will need one Maxedia Base Fixture per output you are using (two in your case).

    If you would like to save time building the cues in the Maxedia, try using one Maxedia Adjustment Fixture per Output also. This one lets you control Keystoning and Shaping. With this, you can build all your cues in the Maxedia in full output size and use the Adjustement Fixture to size them corectely to your screens. By that, you will only need one cue in the Maxedia per look, and not two (one sized for each screen, but having the same content). Hope you understand what i mean. You will need one Maxedia Adjustement Fixture per Output.

    About your Barco Wall: Normally you dont need to take care of masking etc. Just let the LED guys configure your wall to be one big screen, where all the single MiTricks Panels are arangend like they are in the real world on your show. Even though they will tell you it is not possible (because it is a lot of work for the video guys ;-) it is posible within the Barco Software.
    Hope that helps

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