2 StudioSpot 250 Lights

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It's old, its underused......its a high school theatre... :(

So anyways, our high school has 2 studio spots, and being one of the few students actually dedicated enough to learn how to operate them in a short term, I've run into a few things I've got questions about, and this seems the place to ask.

In terms of equipment we're using an ETC express 125 board, and I don't know about the dimmers (but they're quite old).

Right now what I've been told is that every aspect of the intelligents has been programmed to a channel on the board (ie, Horizontal movement on stage left light is channel 58, Primary gels on stage right are channel 108) and whatever level you put that channel at will change that particular aspect (to make this even easier I've gone and programmed each channel to a submaster). Now this doesn't seem to be exactly the proper way to do things, but it's working so far. So if anyone has suggestions that don't require a whole reprogramming of the board, please let me know.

Now a few specific things;
-One of the lights makes a distinctly loud click when the dimmer is shut off quickly, or when quickly adjusting the shutters or iris. Mechanical problem or normal operation?

-I see mention of an effects wheel (I've got gobos, but not the wheel with "fog" and "glass") throughout the manuals and DMX charts, yet they aren't something on the channel list I was handed. Is this something that may or may not be included in any particular device or did someone just forget to program it to the board?

-At the end of the DMX charts there is a list of control options (display brightness, shutdown, etc) that I also can't seem to control. Would that be on a specific channel as well?

-And finally, I've seen this once already here, but is there any protocol on shutting down once they're not being used anymore? I just bring all the channels to zero and then shut off the breakers and get to my next class. Right? Wrong?

Thanks in advance :)


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    Hmmm, well, I took the advice of the emoticon an :rtfm:, which, not surprisingly answered almost all of my questions.

    My only questions remaining is about the noise coming from the light. It seems to be a shutter problem, as it clicked during strobe operation (and this is a really loud, metal against metal, short click). So would this be a faulty shutter?
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    It is more than likely a motor that is going bad, but it is worth checking the set screw that holds the dimmer flag to the motor shaft...tighten it if it is loose.

    The shutter motors take the most abuse in these fixtures since they are so close to the heat of the lamp. You may want to consider replacing both of them at the same time.
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    Actually, you may just be able to do a hub setup to fix that, assuming someone replaced the shutter motor, and didn't finish the project.

    This is a tough one on the studio spot 250.
    (this is easiest from a bench, not while hung)
    This is how I do it, but chris litz or joe haller might have a better suggestion.

    First, fire up the fixture, but dowse the lamp right away.
    remove all the screws that hold the optical module on.
    If I remember correctly, there are 8 screws.
    Ok, now on the menu,
    Navigate to TEST,
    then to S/UP,
    Press enter.

    The fixture should start to hum softly, and the display should change to the something along the lines of S/UP NOW
    Now you will have to carefully remove the optical module, but leave it plugged in and powered up.

    Ok, now loosen one of the shutter blades, turn it until it just touches the homing stop, and then tighten it again.
    Repeat on the second shutter blade.

    Replace the module, and all 8 screws,
    Then press enter.
    It should home the fixture.

    and then test and see if this fixes your clicking shutter...
    If it doesn't you most likely need to replace 1 or both shutter motors...
    then do this hub setup procedure again after the motor is replaced...

    Good luck,
    Let us know how it works out..
    Joshua Wood
  • CanadianScouterCanadianScouter Registered User
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    Thanks for the info, I'll talk to the teacher in charge of lighting to see if they're up to actually doing a repair. Maybe it'll fit in this year's budget :P
  • PuffyfishPuffyfish Registered User
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    Sounds like a bad motor or/and the rubber piece on the stop stud is missing.:D
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    i have had the metal just warp and hit aganst the other. Little bending and its fixed. A motor is only about 30 bucks. So its not like your spending thousands.
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