Test by DMX address?

Steve HarperSteve Harper Registered User

Wondering if there are any plans to implement a DMX test function that would allow you to bring particular addresses up and down, regardless of how (or what) they are patched as. I was programming a larger theatrical show a few weeks ago, with a lot of dimmer channels patched together. It would have been nice to trouble shoot individual dimmers without having to un-patch anything. We had 4 full universes, so thoughts of creating a 1-to-1 dummy patch for testing purposes were dashed. I want to say the Hog 2 could do this ... if there is a way with Hog3 2.2.2 please let me know, or failing that, if this can be considered for future improvements.

Speaking of improvements, I realize that the color coded palettes and graphic display for gobo thing is being considered ... Improvement #6016 I think it is. Is there any sense of time frame for this, HES? Weeks, months, years? This is something my crew has always wanted. I had my first crack at a Grand MA a few weeks ago, which is installed at an arena in the area. Huge help to have that feature! Even more useful to my visual brain than I would have thought. Bugs are obviously first priority, but would encourage this enhancement to be very high priority beyond anything critical.

Thanks ...
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