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Frankv1234Frankv1234 Registered User, Hog Beta
edited January 2008 in DL.3/DL.2
It would be great if we could get an extra parameter on the dl2 graphic layer were we can switch the transition from files on the same layer from instant to dissolve.
An second parameter to set the dissolve time would be awesome

I don't think it's even done before on any media server but it would save tons of time during programming and it would also solves a lot of problems with only having 3 layers.

Scott do you think this is technical possible or do i aks the impossible


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  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
    edited December 2007
    I know this has been discussed before....yes it would be very cool and a very powerful addition to the platform.

    An additional parameter could be the type of wipe/transition.
    Similar to the wipes that can be done with two layers, but on the same layer when a new media folder/file is selected.

    So maybe a Graphic Layer Effect that looks like this:

    "Media Transition"

    Modifier 1 - The type of transition
    0 - default "snap"
    1 - crossfade/dissolve
    2 - random pixel dissolve
    3 - wipe left to right
    4 - wipe right to left
    5 - wipe top to bottom
    6 - wipe bottom to top
    etc, etc, etc......

    Modifier 2 - The speed of the transition
    0 - Fast
    255 - Slow

    Modifier 3 - ???? (maybe unused)

    And if there are only 2 modifiers, then this could be included as a Visual Mode as well to keep options open in the FX channels.
  • AndrisAndris Registered User
    edited December 2007
    The PRG MBox Extreme does single layer transitions. It saves a lot of time by not having to dissolve two layers.
    It does this in two channels, one for the transition type (dissolve, wipe, etc) and the other for timing.
    I'm kind of surprised that this feature is not available on more media servers.
  • SBlairSBlair Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited December 2007
    To answer the question, yes we have discussed doing media transitions on the same layer. It isn't quite as easy to implement as it sounds, but it is something we are considering for the future.

    I do agree that it is a very useful feature!
  • Mike HansonMike Hanson Registered User, HES Alumni, Hog Beta
    edited January 2008
    I have found if you play with the effect Texture mix on the Graphic layer, you can not do exactly what you want, but it will give some dissolve like effect when you change content on the same Graphic layer. It does take some playing with to get it to not transition to slow. And again this is not exactly what you want but try playing with it. It is cool.
  • Frankv1234Frankv1234 Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited January 2008
    I'm on a show next three days with dl2's gone test it directly. I will keep you posted


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