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Pardon for the newbie question, but can someone explain what Assert is? I haven't quite wrapped my head around it. :dunce:


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    From Section 24.2.2 of the manual:

    "When you have several cuelists active at the same time, control of fixture parameters programmed into one cuelist may be taken by another cuelist that also has programming for that fixture parameter."

    "For example, if Cuelist 1 has programming for desk channels 1-3, and Cuelist 2 has programming for desk channels 3-6, then running a cue in Cuelist 2 will override the intensity parameter of desk channel 3. You may want to return control of desk channel 3 to Cuelist 1 without having to run a cue in Cuelist 1; this is known as asserting Cuelist 1. Asserting a cuelist forces all fixture parameters to their programmed value in the cuelist."

    "To assert parameters on the cuelist attached to Master 3, for example, press and hold the Choose key for Master 3, and press the Assert key."

    The best way to really understand how this works is to take a few moving lights, record different looks into seperate cuelists, and then play those back. Once each is played back then hold Assert and press Choose and observe what happens.
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    cool, i'll definently just play around with it and see what happens. i just run shows at a venue and seeing what this could do for me for on the fly lighting
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